15 thoughts on “BFO249 – Overserved Cast

  1. It’ Intervention Time, It’s Intervention Time, It’s Interven … Hey, won’t to go to a meeting? 🙂

  2. You know what, you DO share with us, so much. And even when you’re a trainwreck, you’re still fabulous for sharing so much with us…FOR us.

  3. So sorry to hear that Auntie Jennie Vera Craig wouldn’t come out to play. I woulda paid to hear a twin trainwreck.

    (lurrah deeeen)

  4. Good lord! You were drunk! Hmm…you sound better drunk. 🙂 The next time the boyfriend and I drink too much wine, we’ll do a drunky cast.

  5. Oh Lord!

    The Fat One is on the sauce and looking for fresh meat!

    Lock the doors, bar the widows and hide the livestock!

    There’s not gonna be a sheep safe tonight folks!

  6. Merry Xmas Auntie Vera Charles,gift wrapped and delivered. I hope this makes up for not getting an Xmas Happy.

  7. Oh you big fat thing. I love drunk big fatty. Almost as much as drunk Nessa.

    Thank you for over-serving yourself and please do it again.

  8. “You know that I’m there every time that the world makes and unkind remark. When they say ‘Vera Charles is the world’s greatest lush!'”

    Hmmm? What’s that? This isn’t Vera Charles’ message board? It’s Big Fatty’s? We’ll…you’re fat.

  9. I love you sober or drunk, ok a little tipsy is best.
    I also love the pic you used for this episode.
    When I took that pic on 1 of our cruises, I immediately thought of you and had to ensure you got this picture.


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