4 thoughts on “BFO248 – Clearing the Air

  1. LOL,,LurryDean is to funny. Fatspeak? I would love to learn that language, well , fat people could have our own language? I would love that..LOL..then maybe we could make fun of the people that usually make fun of us fat people, and they would never know what we were saying..LOL confuse them all to hell.
    BF, I want to thank you for sending me birthday wishes on your show. I so appreciate it. You are a sweet and wonderful man. Love ya bunches and smooches.
    By the way I just sent you an email with some pics. Please read it when you have time, I hope the pics will come through this time.
    I am also sorry for not telling you thank you for our wonderful gift in our Christmas cards, that was very sweet of you.


  2. Worst acting job Ive ever heard. You? Put out by leading a man in a leather belt through your in door to fix your plumbing? Nice try champ,this a textbook start to a porn movie if I ever heard one.

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