Get your 2017 Shart Week Shirt

TURNIPSTYLE in conjunction with TURNIP TEEZ is happy to present our Shart Week 2017 Commemorative T-Shirts exclusively available at TURNIPTEEZ.COM —

These T-shirts are available for purchase right now; available in black in ladies sizes; extra small to 3xlarge and in men’s sizes; small to 5xlarge.

Cost of each t-shirt is $19.99

Shipping costs for the following destinations are;

· USA $6.50 for the first item $1.50 for each additional
· CANADA $8.25 for the first item $2.00 for each additional
· INTERNATIONAL $14 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional

Listeners interested in purchasing a tshirt just needs to visit to visit the BFO at TURNIP TEEZ.

We have added graphics for you to use as you see fit.

Any questions will be happily answered, just click the CONTACT link at TURNIP TEEZ to send us a message!

Make it a great week and we hope you doubled up on your laundry detergent!