BFO2395 – Shart Week 2017

The Fat One kicks off Shart Week with a recap of the weekend and a special announcement of a Shart Week keepsake. Come back at noon today to get all the details!

3 thoughts on “BFO2395 – Shart Week 2017

  1. Loved Toppie’s opening. Very funny.

    At what age did you discover you could no longer trust a fart?

    Whoops! Is it just me?

  2. Thanks again to That Peter G and Cathy Marshall for the LOVELY and EXTREMELY mediocre prizes for the so-so question month contest! I received them in the mail today. In addition to the perfectly middling $28 Amazon gift card, Peter G also enclosed a reasonably adequate “Life on the Shit List” tote bag. It’s like they’ve seen into my soul. Thanks!!

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