8 thoughts on “BFO582 – Feet Shoes

  1. Where can I see a picture of Brian’s big guns? Nothing turns me on more than a man showin off his guns…or tugging at his own junk in silky silver shorts in front of you at the gym…

  2. @ Guru Nudie:

    From personal experience, the sequence is best arranged thus:
    1, wake up
    2, listen to that day’s BFO
    3, shower
    4, go outside and breathe in fresh air for ten minutes,
    5, eat breakfast.

  3. 1.) How long did the hacking go own before you decided to edit it out?
    2.) 26 Feet. Now I get it.
    3.) Harold BROWN!?!?! You missed THAT one.

    You’re A Fat Twat…..

  4. I listened to my iPod with my ear buds on my last car trip alone and I have a cord that would make it come out the radio.

  5. Big Fatty, those toe feet shoes are hideous! You will NOT wear those! You may as well wrap your foot in a piece of burlap and secure it with a rubber band. They are UGLY!! You may as well just get some Crocs!!

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