3 thoughts on “BFO447 – Off the Top of my Head

  1. Awww – thanks for bringing back the sweet memories of the Qcast boys – I miss them a lot.
    Have you seen on their photo blogs how much weight Mr. Bee has lost in the last time. He is in pretty good shape. I think we have to take away his fat card, sorry – but you all know our rules are strict!

  2. Rats! I thought you were gonna say that you were coming to Washington STATE! I was about to clear my social, (and work), calendar 🙁

  3. I ROFL when I heard that barking spider attack you, as my father called them.. Dam, dont they just creep up on you? Hate it. Especially when you are bending over on your side trying to pic up something off the floor while sitting on a metal chair. All of the sudden, “BONK, SQUEEK”, and of course sitting in that wonderful metal chair it echoes nicely.
    I unfortunatly had just this experience, while I was student teaching. My desk was at the back of the classroom with a metal folding chair, and I had two 6th graders staying in from lunch recess doing some assinged forgotten homework that they needed to finish. I leaned over the side to pick up a pen that feel onto the floor and all of the sudden “BONK”. Opps sorry, I said, that slipt out. They boys of course turned around from their desks and said Mr. Watters you farted. I had a hard time keeping a straight face and said no, that was not me, it was that elephant that went under my chair. They were laughing really bad now and of course saying no, that was you Mr. Watters. I said we teachers do not do such things, and went on about my work, trying to keep from laughing histarically.
    Thanks for the great laugh BF.

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