BFO445 – Nose Hair Removal Soup

The Fat One recaps the weekend to include what he found on his trip to the P.O. Box!  The weather in Upchuck has turned cool so the was soup to be made.  Have a great Monday.


BFO444 – Flo & Cue Season

It’s a total trainwreck for Friday but the Fat one has some seriousl words before walking down Memory Lane with you and previewing the upcoming weekend.  Call the Bag Phone this weekend and Ham It Up!


BFO443 – The Great Northwest

Big Fatty has voicceletters and e-letters for you today mainly from the Northwest but there’s of chitta-chat for everyone.  Have a bowl of onions ready for the Friday show!


BFO442 – Lurking Callers

The Fat One starts Hump Day by not being able to talk from the very start but recovers nicely when he plays voiceletters including 3 from new “Larry the Lurkers” in a row.  Happy National Pretzel Month.


BFO441 – Cha Cha Girl & French Maid

The Fat One forgot to extend Thanksgiving wishes to Canada yesterday so offers an apology today.  There’s also lots of mushy talk and a gigglethon at the very end.  Dear Lord!


BFO440 – Ferdinand & Murgatroyd

It’s Columbus Day in the USA and Big Fatty is celebrating with a trainwreck.  It’s off the tracks early and never recovers despite the report on the HORROR weekend.  Special Adios to Omar!


BFO439 – Horror in Progress

The Fat One is in the middle of The Horror but takes time out to play some voiceletters for your Friday entertainment…. plus there are a few entries into the “What Would Vera Wear” at Let’s Make A Deal quiz.  Happy Columbus Day Weekend.


BFO438 – Return of Memory

The Fat One is off to the Horror Hotel but not before he takes time to try and settle the correct the date for National Bacon Day (since the self-appointed Historian of the BFO has unsubscribed).  Any pink ribbon complaints should be sent to P.O. Box 561, Woodland Hills, CA  91365.


BFO437 – Peep Challenged

The Fat One is excited because it’s the last day of the work week for him.  There’s all kinds of fat chat today as he scratches off a couple more items from his list.  Happy National Frappe Day.  What the heck is a Frappe?  Sounds Mexican.