BFO438 – Return of Memory

The Fat One is off to the Horror Hotel but not before he takes time to try and settle the correct the date for National Bacon Day (since the self-appointed Historian of the BFO has unsubscribed).  Any pink ribbon complaints should be sent to P.O. Box 561, Woodland Hills, CA  91365.


3 thoughts on “BFO438 – Return of Memory

  1. Please,please,please…….post a photo of the SKULL?
    Willing to pay for Skull t-shirt in cash or trade.

  2. Interesting and quite serious topic today.
    BC isn’t as much in the media as hiv but it kills more people. I say bring it to our attention, let’s donate and care – but not only one day a year.

  3. Sissy takes the fucking cake when it comes to a Blow Out.

    I wish I could get to Seattle to give her a fucking hug for the big laughs she delivered today!

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