5 thoughts on “BFO439 – Horror in Progress

  1. Wow – I think Tom in Chicago needs a podcast, too! If I were not a hard core lesbian – girl, listen to THAT voice! (Actually I do know one or two Lezzies here in Tórshavn who speak like Tom but that is a whole different story 🙂

    Have fun at the Horror this weekend. But please be careful love, do not exaggerate again. Remember last time when you slipped a disk? NIce and easy, okay?

    Love you sweetie 🙂

    xo kb

  2. I think Kim needs to relisten – Perhaps what caught her attention about my (nelly) voice was that it delivered the word “cooch.”


  3. Nought,

    The museum is in St. James, Missouri about a 100 miles south of St. Louis I believe. The museum is in one part of the Tacony Co., the factory who makes two modern vacuums the Riccar and the Simplicity.

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