7 thoughts on “BFO441 – Cha Cha Girl & French Maid

  1. Yes. Extremely JUICY.



    Oh. And “YOU’RE” the only one that’s going to be around?? Just YOU huh? Twat.

    Oh. And what the FUCK was that voice? Dudley after the sexual reassignment surgery.

  2. Oh LORD! First you don’t want pictures of kitties and now you blatantly ask for pictures of “Bad Kitties”. Well, since you’re the only podcaster left, … it just gives all of us a good excuse to grant your request. “Ok folks, start sending him your favorite pictures of kitty plushies!” Gotta go now, I’m looking into solar collection systems to run some, … “extra devices”.

    Love ya,


    P.S. After reading the comments above, who knew Vera enjoyed throwing “twat” around. Just, … who knew.

    Love ya both,


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