7 thoughts on “BFO440 – Ferdinand & Murgatroyd

  1. Shit, why do I feel like I just watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town with Fred Astaire when Winter Warlocks’ icy heart melts?
    Captain Obvious says that the strange new feeling in your belly when you missed us(while having casual sex with another) is just a simple case of of LOVE-ITIS. (you love us Big Fatty,you really do)

  2. AWWWWWWWWWW! Mushy Big Fatty!

    Now I feel bad for thinking “Shut It Down, Shut It Down”, during so much of the show.

    Love ya Bacon Breath,


  3. Is is possible that Steve in the UK was at the Horrah and revealed himself while “buggahing” someone?

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