10 thoughts on “BFO444 – Flo & Cue Season

  1. I remember doing cake walks when I was in elementary school too! I think they did them several times a year to raise money. Funny!

    So if you put these onions around your house, do they smell up your house?

  2. I’m thinking that if you leave onions around the house you will not get the flu do to the fact that no one will want to come near you because your house fucking stinks….LOL

  3. Larry the Lurker here.
    Please don’t go, Please don’t go.
    I listen to every show, not always same day but my hubby and I always listen to every show.
    We were away on a 2 week cruise and had BF withdrawals, we had to wait until we got home to get our 14 missing BF shows.

  4. we had cake walks for our annual Boy Scout Troop award dinner.

    Those were some awesome cakes, not like these crappy cakes we see now. People don’t have any imagination, use inferior frosting in a tub and skimp on frosting. Cake needs LOTS of frosting, not a schmear.

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