16 thoughts on “BFO259 – 1st Anniversararium

  1. Awe, I was sure I was the number one fan – well, then I will be the number one pest — I am sure no one else texted you all day long wondering if it was ready, posted, on time, created etc. Happy Anni…

  2. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations to all the winners. I feel like your number 1 fan too. Of course now I know all there is to know about Captain Kangaroo, too.

  3. We’ll let you play “the Cap’n” if you remember to pull carrots out of your pockets for Bunny Rabbit!

    p.s. Grandfather Clock always gave me the creeps.

  4. Oh Lord. That was truly ruined. Glad to see you can ruin it for a year and keep going.

  5. Happy Anniversay Big Fatty! I was too busy stuffing my face this weekend to download the last two shows. I’m going to congratulate you on behalf of Mother Theresa as well. I’m not sure if she’s learned how to use the computra well enough to figure out how to message you yet 🙂
    We love ya!

  6. …by the way. She called me 3 times this weekend wanting to know if I’ve heard the new shows yet!! I’m gonna give her the listener number so she can call you instead!

  7. Captain Fatty…

    I truly almost shat myself in the car this morning driving to work after I heard my name as the #1 fan. I can’t believe I won again! ! I think I’ll buy a lottery ticket for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing. After all, I won again on the BFO. I won’t submit for any of your contests for a while to allow someone else to win as you have some terrific llisteners. : )

    On the Captain Kangaroo theme song…Puffin’ Billy. Who told you it was one of my favorites?

    We love ya here in St. Lou.


  8. Hey BF, congrats on your anniversery. And do you remeber what Captain K’s other name was before he was Captain K?..I got see and still have an autographed picture from Mr. Greenjeans when he came to Omaha NE for one the Aksarben, which was a jude performance place and horse racing establishment. The used to have entertainment shows for adults and family night shows as well. The on particular one was Mr Greenjeans.
    Again, many congrats on your anniverserariam…


  9. Congrats on the Anniversarium!

    Now that I’ve listened to six BFO episodes in a row (I kid you not… my night is ruined!) I’m nearly caught up again. You’re right, the old person’s version of the Captain Kangaroo theme is the one I remember (and Grandfather Clock gave me the creeps, too, LurryDean). You can be my Captain Kangaroo if it makes you happy, but somehow I always pictured you more as my Captain & Tennille…

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