BFO256 – For Medicinal Purposes Only

The Fat One has an update from the Dr., a package in the Post Office Box and a new lurker who comes out with the whole family.  Happy Hump  Day.


6 thoughts on “BFO256 – For Medicinal Purposes Only

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your lovely gifts. When I heard about the mints from a local radio station over the holidays. Brian and I went down to this store in the Cherry Creek (sub of Denver) called “The Wizards Chest”. We just went in and asked what do you have in bacon? I told the people in the store we have this friend who has this great podcast and he LOVES bacon. Yes you bacon quilt will be coming to you soon as well . Yes BF I shared the Christmas card with the gift with Brian and he wanted the magnet so he will be happy you are sending him one.

    Love ya BF,

  2. Good lord I hope they recycled that phone bill. Shame on AT&T for printing it out, they ought to have a limit on that sort of thing. And my printers at work wonder why paper cost so damn much.

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