8 thoughts on “BFO251 – Womp, Womp

  1. I hope you are over the GIRD. Take your meds. I knew the Memory Lane Music right away. I used to watch Barney Miller as a kid.

  2. The famous Charleston Tug Boat & Barge Show? I’ve all way wanted to sail up for that…

  3. Hey Archerr and I were right. As soon as you said fish, I wondered if it was going to be Barnry Miller. My father was a faithful watcher of the that show and then later I watched the reruns. That was fun!! Whats next?

  4. Poor ol’ thing, sounds like you got yourself a little bug. You know, I take the Nexium every day for the gastrointestinal hoists…makes me feel a lot better. I’m a little behind on the shows (HONK) but I hope you are feeling well soon!

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