BFO1802 – 2011 Chrima Spectacular

The Fat One has a quick update on the Atlanta podcaster dinner before serving up some little stories in the 2011 Chrima Spectacular. Happy Chrima Week.


BFO1541 – Hatlanta Dinner and Chrima Memories

The Fat One has a short recap of the dinner last Friday with Hatlanta-area podcasters prior to sharing some Chrima Memories which made up the 2011 Chrima Spectacular. Happy National
Pfeffernuesse Day.


BFO1280 – Menz at the Mall Day

Dear Gussie, Santy Claus is packing fudge and cookries as a late night snack so today you get to hear the OTHER Fat One natter about Chrima Memories. Don’t forget the 2012 Chrima Spectacular will be waiting for all you naughty listeners. National Egg Nog Day.


BFO1018 – Chrima Memory Lane

REPOSTED with better sound (the music is no longer too loud).

Merry Chrima! The Fat One has his 2011 giftette for you today with stories and music from the Fat One’s childhood. Hope the Fat Man was good to you. Ooopsie… BF forgot to announce the contest. Oh well, maybe on Boxing Day.