BFO1280 – Menz at the Mall Day

Dear Gussie, Santy Claus is packing fudge and cookries as a late night snack so today you get to hear the OTHER Fat One natter about Chrima Memories. Don’t forget the 2012 Chrima Spectacular will be waiting for all you naughty listeners. National Egg Nog Day.


3 thoughts on “BFO1280 – Menz at the Mall Day

  1. Hmmmm. Worked for me. He also said that BF was “the only human ever to wish for an ironing board, Poor kids in India don’t even wish for them.”

  2. Poor Kim Beaver can’t post comments either…. RUINED. However, he 2nd cousin, twice-removed, sent an e-letter stating that she wanted to say, “This was one of the most beautiful BFOs of the year! Thank you for sharing your lovely Chrima stories. Wonderful :)”

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