5 thoughts on “BFO842 – One Hail of a Show!

  1. I won’t be at the horrah show on Satday night because I like having a place to live and food in my cupboard.

  2. I think Big Fatty made bacon flavored pop corn, those gentleman callers appreciate a little snack after the puppet shows.
    My condolences to Ms Kitty (and the gentleman callers)

  3. I think I am two shows behind – what the heck? I do not have time for a 40 minute nap today!!

    Those pig arses are just plain nasty!

    Follow this – I am talking to my friend Dawn and she is going to book our flights to Vegas – she says we can stay at the Imperial Palace for $309 each – I say, let me see if vader knows where daniel is checking into deals – she is in a rush as I knew she would be after my leave was approved. So, i say what the heck – book it we can walk to where ever you all are – then I say to you – if he gets rooms for $60, thats nothing (to me, because I have $ already to cover the trip and spending) so what I would do is just book a room where you guys are on Saturday night so that she and I have a place to POOP –

    but I split it up between twitter and your cell phone – but maybe you don’t text on the cell number that I have =

    it was a funny story and of course I botch it when I tell it and you slaughter it when you read and the end result is I am bat $hit crazy!!

    Love BF, only love.

  4. AGAIN – let me clarify – Allegiant flies out of Sioux Falls so it would be a Hotel & Flight package – HOWEVER, driving to Sioux Falls takes 3 hours and we have to be there 2 hours early – I do not have 8 more hours to spare – so I would rather pay $600 out of Aberdeen (pay her difference) and just get the $60 rooms where Daniel is checking – womp womp

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