BFO3521 – Birthday Contest

The Fat One is back with a knee update, a recap of his day in Fat Acres, a downtown story and a voiceletter announcing a new contest… plus the return of an old friend. Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookrie Day.

BFO3344 – Double-Bagged

Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s Chrima time and the Fat One has a recap his day in Fat Acres, a Kathy Bacon Quarantine Content Contest entry, another 2020 census and some Chrima cards. Happy National Pie Day.

BFO3343 – Chocolate Bomb

It’s the Beaver Moon and the Fat One is back to recap his weekend, play the winning entry in the Bacon Contest and another (actually 3) 2020 Census. Happy National Mousse Day.

BFO3341 – Thankful in Unusual Times

The Fat One has a special LITTLE show today. I open my cards that I’ve been holding (picture on the BFO at Noon today) and then play the Quarantine Content Contest voiceletters and read the E-letters. Happy National Tryptophan Day.

BFO3340 – One Month to Go!

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day, a 2020 Census, a coupon and the winner of Miss Bacon’s Quarantine Contest. Happy National Parfait Day.

BFO3338 – Cherry Pie

The Fat One is back with another 2020 Census, a final reminder for the Quarantine Contest and a recap of the weekend. Happy National Cashew Day!

BFO3337 – Fecal Urgency

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of his day and a Apple Clock update. Happy Weekend!

BFO3333 – Taking A Break

The Fat One kicks off the week with some technology news, a recap of the weekend, a 2020 Census and an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy National Fast Food Day (Old Crooked Hat will be excited!)

BFO3330 – Shout It From the Mountain Top

The Fat One is back for a recap of his day and the final stories from the weekend trip. Remember that the contest ends two week from TODAY so get your entries in (limit one per week). Happy Sundae Day.

A BIG FAT THANK YOU to our Veterans!

BFO3324 – Skeletons Back in the Closet

It’s Election Day in the USA and the Fat One has a FULL LITTLE show including a 2020 Census, nattering about his day in Fat Acres, a reminder of Miss Bacon’s contest and he FINALLY opens his Gay Chrima cards (and is more confused than ever!) Happy World Sandwich Day!