BFO3344 – Double-Bagged

Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s Chrima time and the Fat One has a recap his day in Fat Acres, a Kathy Bacon Quarantine Content Contest entry, another 2020 census and some Chrima cards. Happy National Pie Day.

BFO3258 – Bridal Registry

The Fat One kicks off the new month with a recap of his weekend which includes several Granny stories. Happy National Grab Some Nuts Day!

BFO3080 – Nutmeg Scraper

It’s Black Friday but the Fat One was still able to push out a LITTLE show. There’s LOTS of nattering plus the Vulgarian National Anthem and a recap of Spanksgiving. Happy National Chocolates Day.

BFO3048 – Put It Back In!

The Fat One finishes with the weekend report and then natters about Monday and Tuesday in Fat Acres to include a Whitman Tinker update! Happy Humping!

BFO3038 – Pumping Station

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day in Fat Acres and the opening of the remaining Hatarina sympathy cards. Look for a photo of everything at noon today. Happy Humping!