BFO3603 – Chanukah or Hanukkah?

The Fat One is stuffed with from his gluttony celebration but can’t pass up a Black Friday LITTLE show. There’s lots of nattering and burping. Happy National Caaaaaaaaaaaake Day.

BFO3602 – Tournament of Macy’s Parade

Happy Spanksgiving! The Fat One celebrates this day of thanks with a recap of his day, the coupon, some thoughts of thanks and a feast of nattering. Happy Tom Turkey Day.

BFO3080 – Nutmeg Scraper

It’s Black Friday but the Fat One was still able to push out a LITTLE show. There’s LOTS of nattering plus the Vulgarian National Anthem and a recap of Spanksgiving. Happy National Chocolates Day.

BFO3079 – Happy Gluttony and Sloth

Happy Spanksgiving (or Thursday in Mexico). The Fat One has a full LITTLE show of thanks, his day in Fat Acres and the opening of cards. Happy National French Toast Day.