BFO3585 – Humpin’ a Melon

The Fat One is back with a history lesson on the Day of the Dead celebration, some weekend updates, a recap of his day in Fat Acres, an Election Day reminder and LoTS of nattering. Happy National Deviled Egg Day (VILE!)

BFO3324 – Skeletons Back in the Closet

It’s Election Day in the USA and the Fat One has a FULL LITTLE show including a 2020 Census, nattering about his day in Fat Acres, a reminder of Miss Bacon’s contest and he FINALLY opens his Gay Chrima cards (and is more confused than ever!) Happy World Sandwich Day!

BFO3323 – Lada Gaga and Jesus

Chrima is here and the Fat One kicks off the season with a recap of hime weekend, a 2020 census plus he forgets to open his Gay Chrima cards. Remember to Vote (or Veto) either today or tomorrow if you haven’t already done so. Happy National Peanut Butter Month!

BFO2813 – Voo Doo Tiki Doll

The Fat One recaps his day before answering an Ask Big Fatty question and offering some election thoughts. Happy Humping!

BFO2812 – Wet Dog

The Fat One has an Election Day reminder for everyone prior to telling about his day and answering an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy National Nachos Day!

BFO2790 – Gas Station Corndogs

The Fat One closes out the week with a patriotic reminder before catching up on numerous voiceletters and a kerfuffle. Happy Thanksgiving weekend (Northern Mexico only).

BFO2290 – Battleground Birthdays

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with election nattering, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, a catch-up on e-letters and more. Remember to get out and do some casting!


BFO2280 – Coupon Queen

It’s 2 months to Chrima and the Fat One has a LITTLE giftette for you… actually it»s just today’s LITTLE show filled with nattering and voice letters. Happy National Greasy Foods Day.


BFO2029 – Cumbersnatch

It’s election day and the Fat One has a LITTLE show filled with nattering, the Vader and Bacon Show, some gambling, mechanical update and a plea for help in finding almost 30-year old music. Sounds normal for BF. Happy National Sandwich Day.


BFO1246 – 5 Spot

The Fat One natters about election day, his str8 boyfriends and more before visiting Spotting Big Fatty. VOTE…. it’s the ONLY time this month that BF will be asking you to do that.