Contest Rules

1. Guess the number of phone calls from Kathy Bacon played (or partially played) on the LITTLE SHOW in 2011. This is the number that the Fat One has on record.

2. ONE entry per person sent via e-letter to

3. The guess closest to the actual number of calls, WITHOUT GOING OVER, wins the $21 CASH MONEY prize. If there is a tie, those with the closest guess will be put in a colostomy bag and a winner drawn.

4. Deadline for entries is FRI-day, January 13, 2012, at 6pm ET.

5. Decisions of the FAT ONE are FINAL.

11 thoughts on “Contest Rules

  1. Sorry Hattie, I know you already had dibs on Angry but look at that Beaver!!!!
    The exact reason I threw in the towel on life (what I call my podcast participation/cohortion). Is because of poopers like that!! Party Poopers!! No one wants to play anymore.
    Eat and sleep! What kind of li……..

    I am a Muppet.

  2. This contest is too easy! Try and guess the number of times K-Bac calls me in a month! Where do you think I get my best quotes from huh?
    Please don’t post this Big Fatty.

  3. Shush & Judge? I am more famous than I thought. Mercy me!

    I love Kim, can’t shoot Kim!

    If only invisible letter was a Font…..

  4. Oh, I heard that Poople McMoople has announced her retirement. I really think you ought to apply for the job at the BFO. Or wait, was It BigFatty? Never mind, apply anyway! We need you.

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