3 thoughts on “BFO4026 – Performance (f)Art

  1. Love when you just natter like this. You still have so much more going on than us.

    We wake up;
    Go for a walk;
    I go to the gym;
    We meet friends for lunch;
    We nap;
    Hubby watches tv;
    I have practice guitar;
    I go for second walk;
    Fix dinner;
    Hubby watches tv;
    I listen to podcasts and music;
    Go to bed.

    Wait! Maybe I could do a podcast!

    I have joined Threads. Like it. Fewer trolls. It was getting so bad on Twitter.

    Even the rabbit’s account was getting picked on. The purpose of that account was to be light, funny, see the world from the innocence of a rabbit. It was getting picked on! What kind of a person picks on an innocent rabbit?

  2. Loved the show today. Performance Art!

    Dueling Noras. Shenanigans with the Nip! (Always love hearing a Nip story). “The Butt Pirates of Pensance” made me laugh out loud. Would love to see you on the Spools. The Gram is not scary, go say hello.

    Nattering, nattering, nattering…..

  3. James O’Halloranns teeth were so fugly on that episode. Also, retirement is wasted on the old, just as youth is wasted on the young.

    P.S. I checked out the Press Your Luck. Exciting. Big value prizes!

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