9 thoughts on “BFO778 – In the Mail

  1. OMFG!
    An “unknown” caller wins the prize??!!!!
    Um…how ’bout you had Mr. 1/2 hr. run out to the nearest payphone and once again pull a Kathy Bacon on the rest of us!
    Thank you for calling

  2. Ok, I admit it. It was me. I do have a little cold and you know how shitty oversea connection can be. Send the prize money to P. O. Box 571 Walnut Hills, CA

  3. Sounds like a scam to me too. You can send the money to pay for my phone bill as that Mama over talked on MY the phone.

  4. Congrats to the winner – may you choke on your chicken dinner. Oh, I did not mean that. Well, I hope one day the winner becomes the biggest-fan. Ummm…..I regret to say with all things going on at work, I was not able to listen to the LITTLE SHOW but I will this morning – gotta get ready and get in by 5:30 – they’re tryin’ to git-me.

    Later BF

    Thanks for playing people –

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