BFO1125 – Snooze Land

The Fat One recaps the weekend before heading over to Spotting Big Fatty where he is interrupted by BREAKING NEWS, twice! Happy National Strawberries and Cream Day.

5 thoughts on “BFO1125 – Snooze Land

  1. Creatures of habit that we are mine was come here, fire up the show and jump to the lodge – I sorely missed it while the doors were closed ! I can live now! Yay!,

  2. Tryin’ to tune in breaking news on my shiny new knobs 🙂

    Thanks for the mechanical-offsetting shout out, BFO. They’re feeling much better today, btw.

  3. Wifi on the bus. My grandma would not believe the technology. She could barely grasp the cordless phone

    Off to Knoxville.

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