BFO1124 – Flabber Gas

The Fat One shares two treasures he received in the e-letters today in this “Memory Lane” edition of the BFO. Then he turns the clock back one year to remind everyone what was happening on the third Friday in May 2011. Happy Weekend!

4 thoughts on “BFO1124 – Flabber Gas

  1. I love the word “enigma” 🙂 I know the singing was horrible and I would advise everybody to put enough of wax into their ears before listening to (today’s) BFO – but it was made with love and adoration for a very sweet and wonderful gentleman.

  2. Awe – kb. love ’em love her

    Have a Great weekend – the vacation started off beautifully – I was getting up to get the laundry going and there was no electricity until 7:15 – just glad I turned the AC on before we went to bed last night – it was 90 degrees yesterday – anyway, it is going now and so am I – Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. I understand they’re still eating the leftovers in walnut hills from that dinner a year ago.

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