BFO1216 – In the Tucket

The Fat One REMEMBERS a special day today (unlike last year) but also has lots of things in the P.O. Box and an Ask Big Fatty question from the Surface of the Sun. Happy day before Yom Kippur.

3 thoughts on “BFO1216 – In the Tucket

  1. I have to be nice, he paid for the trip. But NO German Gburtstagskuchen birthday cake!
    We will have tuna sushi tonight with the Hello Waffes studs.
    Beats the crap out of beans with spaghetti sauce in Walnut Hills, sorry Larry (at least you
    will enjoy the gorgeous company – have fun and give old V a special
    Beaver hug from me)

    Glad you liked the card BF, and yes it was a beaver and not a giant rat!

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