4 thoughts on “BFO1224 – Drool Cup

  1. Why not establish an alternative prize for the podcasters ignoring those other attention whores?
    And I think we should call it “The Drool Cup” Well put, Bob 🙂 And I like the idea that our str8 boyfriend of hearts from the Future names our new prize. Of course, coming from the future he has advanced knowledge and an advantage, but never mind – OMH, do I channel my inner Ms Bacon here? Love her 🙂 Oh, I have do dust my computra

  2. Ha ha..I didn’t say anything about a drool cup to him.
    Larry’s call today was his funniest I think. He always reminds me of Owen Wilson when he speaks.
    KC- great job. Just don’t drink the red Kool-Aid he gives you on the retreat to Guyana

  3. There you go. Proving that there are no favorite openings because it always gets replace.

  4. I should have gone to Vegas so I could learn how to lift Vader from this show. I love Larry.

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