BFO684 – Frank Farkel and Ferd Berffle

The Fat One has a list today that includes some “Memory Lane” music and a special song from a listener in the Chicargos.  Happy National Guacamole Day.  VULGAH!

BFO683 – Sentimental About Gert

The Fat One is full of surprises today (amongst other things too) as he runs down his list and will most likely put everyone into a panic with his countdown.

BFO682 – Recipe for Disaster

The Fat One recaps the weekend (no one else does that on a podcast) and has the COUPON to share with everyone.  Plus there is talk about expensive bread and overdressed salads.  Happy National Cream Filled Donut Day.

BFO681 – More MEHs, Same Trainwreck

The Fat One recaps the comments from listeners about the end of the Little Show after hearing from his grandson.  But there’s lots of nattering in-between.  In other words, it’s a total trainwreck.

BFO680 – Jethro Bodine Cyphering

The Fat One heads down Memory Lane today with an anniversararium at the Coal Mine before he encourages everyone to join in some “Memory Lane” Sing-a-long music today.  Oh and he also announces the end of the BFO.

BFO679 – Less Martin

Dear Gussie the Fat One FINALLY finishes the scratch-offs from Peter G. in the Oaklands but still has nattering time and plays some voiceletters…. including one from Larry the Lurker.  Happy Rosh Hashanah.

BFO678 – Giant Hornet Fan

Dear Gussie.  The Fat One is off his rocker today.  He natters about dreams, updates the quiz program schedule and remembers to do one of the scratch offs.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO677 – Snoring Noises

The Fat One, once again, forgets to do his scratch-offs during the Little Show BUT there’s a final recap of the weekend and a preview of the upcoming quiz program season.

BFO676 – Many vs. Mini

The Fat One brings a special Labor Day little show to you as he walks down Memory Lane.  Happy National Rice Month.

BFO675 – Bjorn is NOT BF’s Neice

The Fat One screws the little show up from the very beginning but recovers before screwing it up again and again.  Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone in the USA.  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the new artwork.