13 thoughts on “BFO680 – Jethro Bodine Cyphering

  1. If you do 5 shows as a week and don’t miss any between now and the end, your final show will be on Aug 5th, 2019. Everyone mark your calendars.

  2. I had to scoop the poop from my pants after your LITTLE announcement!

    At least I have time to plan your ending gift….on show 3,000!!!

    You had me going Big Fatty!

    SteveINthe browner than usual UhK

  3. Maybe you will just change your name to:

    My Heiny, wears bacon shoes?

    And start at number 1 again?

    I about had to run to the computer and create a BIG FATTY’S LAST LIL’ SHOW icon! Then I did some math and figured that episode 3000 is in approximately six years. How old will you be then, BF? 75 or so? 🙂

  5. WTF?! You scared the shit out of me!! I was catching up on shows and this is what I come back to? It’s a good thing you said episode 3000. I was ready to shoot myself. 3000 is a good number. I will have unsubscribed long before that 🙂

  6. dam and I though you last little show was going to be last Friday, then Vera could take the #1 slot….

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