8 thoughts on “BFO692 – Good N Bad

  1. LOL – thanks for making me laugh on a horrible day (no more ether Honey) – the phone call story is priceless 🙂 Bla bla blaa bla blaa (I nieed that as a ring tone for the i-natter)

    You are the best, sweetie 🙂

  2. Due to unusually large podcast download volume, listening to this show has been put on hold. It will be listened to in the next available time slot. May I have the last 4 digits of your Social Security number please? Press 2 for Mexican…

  3. Mad as a CUT snake.
    What’s the beef about being on hold? Surely you worked into your time on Manhunt?

  4. Consolidated billing is a nightmare! I had it with VZW and it was always a mess. pooooor big fatty

  5. It sounds like A Teat & Teat has a public relations nightmare on its hands now that you has exposed the seamy underbelly of their customer service rigamarole. For a moment, I was sure you were going to tell us that they escalated your call all the way up to the corpse of Alexander Graham Bell himself.

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