BFO2948 – It’s A Treasure

The Fat One closes out the week with a VERY special Friiiiiiiday LITTLE show including lots of nattering, and Ask Big Fatty question and some Memory Lane Music. Happy Full Moon Weekend and don’t forget the State of the Station on Sunday, May 19 at 8pm EDT in the evening at

5 thoughts on “BFO2948 – It’s A Treasure

  1. Happy Birthday Miss Beaver
    May you get to participate that special annual gift we all ask our partners to agree to.
    Or in BF’s case….we call that a Thursday afternoon.

  2. Oh my….you don’t know Dan Hartman?????
    Time to turn in your gay card.

  3. Ooops…left too soon.
    I like some Take That…but loving me some Dan Hartman while loving me some adult beverages brought me here.

  4. Thank you all good people from the Fatosphere for all the good wishes for the exiting celebrations :))

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