8 thoughts on “BFO1084 – Make a Fist

  1. Have a nice weekendend BF and lets hope your most regular gentleman caller won’t need another surgery after it!

  2. A BACONologist – insuring his tastebuds for millions – its a Europe thing –

    and now the Hunger Games Review by Lamar –

    Off to work –

  3. What are the odds Kim Beaver would get the word Bacon while playing Draw Something with Ms. Bacon? Well, her picture was super marvelous and I was going to share it with you but I dont know how touse this dumb phone!

  4. Can you make a video with your gentleman caller demonstrating your fist tip for the non regorgolling? I need it illustrated.

  5. Kathy B is all kinds of awesome! Poodle & Kathy are magnificent artists and sooo funny. I love ths game 🙂

  6. Are puppetry arts at Big Scatty’s art school considered a double major?

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