4 thoughts on “BFO189 – Eight Inches

  1. Big Fatty, I fuckin’ love you! I giggled when I made my opening, and really did nearly shat myslef (from laughing) when I heard what you did with it. You’re a genius.

    And Michael? I wouldn’t worry about the photos. Kim Beaver is probably already searching the internets for them.

  2. I think we got your rain here on Saturday. It rained all day.

    Sponge bath for Big Fatty? Who would want to do that? My eyes!

    I’ll be glad when the birthday month comes to an end too!!

    Hahaha….I saw ColdPlay on SNL….they weren’t very good…but I was at the boyfriend’s house this weekend so it couldn’t have been me doing the shouting.

    Not only are you the editing master, you are now the computer expert everyone should turn to for help!

    This was quite a natter cast, I agree!

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