BFO191 – WOW!

Big Fatty is speechless after he opens a giftette from an ANONYMOUS Bacon Lover.  It’s so nice that he declares today a “Random Act of Kindness for Bacon Lovers Day.”  Plus there’s “Memory Lane” music and a bit of strangeness as we hit Hump Day of Gay Christmas week.  Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “BFO191 – WOW!

  1. Awww that was so sweet 🙂 What a brilliant idea of bacon lover – now we can see the ruination – if he figures out how to operate that camera.

    Fat Bigeos of him eating, farting & hanging out in the sling – hmm, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea 🙂

    Yes – it was. Show us all, baby!

  2. Well,

    I don’t know what happened. I only sent that voice letter once and you must have received it twice.

  3. Congrats on the camera dad! Bacon Lover should come forward so we know who to blame for the horror vidjoes that you’ll post 😉

  4. Hey Big F, what a great gift , that is wonderful. Bacon Lover sounds like a sweetheart to do that for you. Wow, Memory Lane music really stumped me, I do not remember Paul’s show. Yes I remember him from Bewitched and from the Hollywood Squares.
    Yes, I heard your belch on the show today, God Bless. You… sounds like it was coming from your toes..LOL. I will ask you like my father used to ask me, “Did you get any of it on you?: ( the blech of course)..LOL

  5. I just happened to go on Youtube to check to see if they had the Paul Lynde show. I found something that I think you might enjoy. I found some clips from The Paul Lynde Holloween Show. Low and behold Witchy Poo and Wizard of Oz witch together. And even a little tiny bit of gay Christmas or real Christmas and the boys from Kiss. I thought you might enjoy checking it out.

  6. I thought you did an excellent Paul Lynde. Congratulations on the vijeo camera. Have Larry Veder teach you how to use it.

  7. That is truly wonderful that someone sent you a flip camera – i love mine and can’t wait to see what your bacon creative juices will create for your fans!

  8. Wonderful listener for a wonderful host. Can’t wait to see what you do with that damn thing!

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