BFO2242 – Grannyitis

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One is on the mend and back with a LITTLE show. There’s an explanation as to what happened and some of the LOVE that BF received. Happy National Gyro Day.


BFO1065 – Test Your Willpower

The Fat One isn’t feeling great today and he’ll share all of his ailments and possible cures with you so your Cheerios are sure to go flying. Plus there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty too! Happy National Strawberry Day.

BFO546 – Glitter Run

The Fat One has been sickly over the weekend but still has plenty to yack about today.  If the shows sounds different today, it’s because the Fat One’s grandson made him change it up.  Happy Monday.

BFO298 – Upper Poopies

The Fat One is recovering from the 24 hour stomach bug but has lots to say before he plays one of the longest voiceletters ever.  Happy Thursday.