11 thoughts on “BFO546 – Glitter Run

  1. It was so funny during that whole podcast you kept talking about your laundry but I never heard the buzzer! IT was in you ears only I think!

    The sound was SO much better. Keep your mouth close to that mic!

  2. I want to know what’s wrong with the ears of the people who listen to you. I have to remember to turn the volume down before BFO comes on because I’ve got the volume turned up for other shows. What’d be great about the BFO is if there was some kinda volume normalization going on so that I don’t have to occasionally turn up the audio for the intro and then immediately turn it down before the music starts.

  3. I like the sound before as well. I listen with headphones and the sound is perfectly fine.

  4. Poor Big Fatty. Even with an empty tummy, he’s still a martyr to the gas.
    If I’m feeling spewosity upthrow I find a bowl of rice pudding washed down with a cup of tea will fix it nicely.

    Oh, and the BF is not too loud. All the other shows are just way too fucking quiet.

  5. Gracias for the birthday shout-out Big Fatty !!!

    It a shame you missed the motor-boating that Big Ricky inflicted upon the lovely Miss Lauren!

  6. I appreciated the better sound quality. However (comma) since you are closer to the mic you might want to back off on the volume a tad.

  7. I did not participate in the Touche event, however, the night before, Ricky enjoyed my boobs along with every other gay man in the establishment. We moved from Hamburger Mary’s to a place called “Big Chicks”

  8. Thank god Steven told you to move the microphone closer to your mouth. Who would have thought that 8 inches would have been too many inches. Much better.

    And yes Mr. Vader appeared on the late edition of The LFC V13. In fact, I was filling in for you. We had a lovely chat.

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