7 thoughts on “BFO547 – Hurling Fatty

  1. Sounds like you already had a Greek Salad……….bendover + lettuce

  2. Things I learned from Big Fatty #1: If you don’t want the Fat One to read your mail.
    say so right at the very start.

    I’m PROUD of my Vera-bashing. Poor Conscience needs the assistance of… Shall we
    say a firmer hand? I could have Vera rip-cord fit and kicking arse in 8 weeks flat.
    If she survives.

  3. I don’t listen, unsubscribed months ago but I keep getting these spam tweets on twitter asking me to comment on this blog 🙂

    Some people are SOOOOO needy 🙂


    Take care

    SteveINthe yUhK

    I just been over to to Auntie Vera’s and she done preempted me.

  5. Awww I love Greek food. Now I am hungry again. Yummy Sofrito and tzatziki amd galaktovoureko. Oh dear, there is nothing worse than a hungry beaver.

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