BFO547 – Hurling Fatty

Dear Gussie the Fat One has a grumbly tummy during today’s show but enjoys a Ginger Ale and some stomach advice before nattering the train off the tracks about the remainder of the weekend and comments on the the sound “quality.”  Happy National Crab Meat Day.

7 thoughts on “BFO547 – Hurling Fatty

  1. Things I learned from Big Fatty #1: If you don’t want the Fat One to read your mail.
    say so right at the very start.

    I’m PROUD of my Vera-bashing. Poor Conscience needs the assistance of… Shall we
    say a firmer hand? I could have Vera rip-cord fit and kicking arse in 8 weeks flat.
    If she survives.

  2. I don’t listen, unsubscribed months ago but I keep getting these spam tweets on twitter asking me to comment on this blog 🙂

    Some people are SOOOOO needy 🙂


    Take care

    SteveINthe yUhK

  3. Awww I love Greek food. Now I am hungry again. Yummy Sofrito and tzatziki amd galaktovoureko. Oh dear, there is nothing worse than a hungry beaver.

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