10 thoughts on “BFO548 – Clara Fication

  1. Oh Lord – the Fat one playing Chat-Ruinette… For the love of God, don’t show them the boys , you could scar people for life!!!

  2. Thanks for the hot tip Big Fatty.
    I think Chatroulette should actually be called Ruboneoutroulette.
    All I know is my F9 finger is killing me,and my feelings are hurt. Never could I imagine that I would be rejected by so many men having a wank in such a short time span.
    BTW-Is is difficult to hook up a camera to a computer,are they expensive?(I’m just sayin’)

  3. The Big Fatty TV sold during the show? Another Podcasting First for the BFO! Reminds me of the birth of the Home Shopping Network when 13 toasters sold in 10 minutes on a Clearwater Florida AM station. This could be big…

  4. I’m excited EVERY morning when I ride the train to work downtown!

    What was that flying by me this morning ?

  5. Big Fatty, I hope the day finds you blessed and highly favored of the Lord in the Holy City of Charleston. While the news may be late, it is none the less very important. My podcast shall be gifted unto the public during the fall tv sweeps weeks. However, during the spring and summer be watching the interwebs as well as the iTunes as sneak preview video podcast productions will appear. This is all very exciting here in our little village.

    Now I know that hard times are happening all around. Everyday someone else disappears from the office or leaves in the dark of the night before their home is taken by “the bank”. This being our current state of affairs as we must suffering until our deliverance in 2012 from Barry Obama, I was stunned to call the Big Fatty Voice Letter Line this afternoon and hear some yankee woman tell me it had been changed or disconnected! We will have a fundraiser to keep the lights and telecommunications services on in the fat cave. Just give the word.

    Lastly, our poor sweet Auntie Vera was almost killed in one of those run away Toyota death traps called a priex. Lord, she almost died. Now months later when she gathered herself enough to face the car again, the dash lit up like white trash with money christmas tree, alarm bells started dinging like it was an Episcopal communion, and the poor dear had to relive her near meeting with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Please Big Fatty do drop her words of encouragement and prayers as she faces that demon of Nazi Japan. Had she been driving a Cadillac car like white people, that would have never happened.

    Much Love and Best Dishes,


  6. Really? Of the 7000 times a guy shoots his load in his life only 2000 are through rubbing one out? I think those numbers got reversed.

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