8 thoughts on “BFO545 – Motorized Backpack

  1. The crazy ass dreams could be a direct result of your ongoing case of BUCK WILD.
    Good Luck

  2. You have no more sperm left in your body Big Fatty,which is depriving your brain of protein,hence the whacked out dreams.

  3. I had a dream about Big Fatty and Larry once, when you guys did the LFC! I had a dream that you invited me to record with you. We were in a giant room, looked like some sort of back stage area. There was a GIANT mixer board and 2 microphones. All you guys did was say, “Welcome to the LFC!” Then you started pushing all the buttons and all the sound effects came out. I said, “Is this what you guys do for your podcast?” You two were laughing hysterically and just said, “Yep, this is what we do!”

  4. oh lord, i wrote that comment before i heard the motorboating. I better put on some sort of protective facemask and knee pads.

  5. OK so your sound machine playing the Spring Rain all night did not make you have to go “Tee Tee” but instead you had a dream about cruising the “Tea Rooms” – interesting correlation.

    Just Saying…

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