8 thoughts on “BFO544 – Sweepstakes-a-palooza

  1. I’m so excited! I haven’t listen yet but I know it will be good. Big Fatty is so good at coming up with totally original content.

  2. Has anyone seen a picture of str8 bob? I am sure he is gorgeous. BigFatty has only the most handsome str8 boyfriends even if they call him “chimp” (I had no idea BF was so hairy)

  3. Oh snap!!!! Slow Donnie singing that(chicken pot pie) is one of my favorite T.V. scenes.
    Along with on of my favorite movies scenes… Pee Wees Big Adventure when the tour guide says that the Alamo was made out of A-D-O-B-E.

  4. BTW- I was going to let it slide..but since KB has brought it up.
    When you said boyfriends,it sounded like you meant there was more than 2 of us.WTF?
    Is domestic str8t boyfriend with me on this?
    DSB,where are you?

  5. Loved the new “Let’s Scratch a Gamecard!” segment! Reminded me of one of my favorite live TV shows ever – Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capon’s vault. Hmmm, wonder if Vera has that on Betamax?

  6. I’m tickled–tickled!! At your reaction to the Hats of Meat website, I had no idea you’d love it so much! haha!

  7. Lauren, That website recomendation saved this episode. Thaks for sending it to the Fat One. I don’t recall hearing him laugh like that before.

  8. what show was that clip at the beggining from? i recognize the voice of a hot older daddy ive met before.

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