9 thoughts on “BFO543 – Dancin’ With the Fun Bags

  1. Good Lord – all those types you described in your little bear 101 I meet every Friday night at my favorite Lesbian bar The Sheep Shelter ?! Butch, hairy backs and shoulders and most of them with grey beards –

    Oh my, can’t wait til FRIDAY!!!!!

  2. BF – thanks for not playing the Yea Fatty clip after my honorable mention …sorry, Ricky, meh!

  3. The Crystal Maze with Rocky Horror Star Richard O’brian hosted.

    It is not on any longer, been quite a while since it has been on.

    It is probably on one of the sattellite stations like Challenge or E4.

    There has been rumours it might be coming back though.

    Hope it does.

    SteveINtheUKOk is not very hairy so doesn’t think he is a bear though some of those cubs and otters are HOT!

  4. Sorry, BF; I stopped watching telly years ago. In fact I need to drop by the Fat cave now and again so I don’t fall behind the times.

    Yes, I used to watch the Crystal Maze on channel 4. Like Steve says perhaps one of our crappy satellite/cable channels will repeat the old episodes?
    I’d like to see the original Japanese “ENDURANCE” game show. Though not for long. -It was NASTY.
    -Anyone remember that?

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