6 thoughts on “BFO542 – Inflatable Beaver

  1. I saw not one second of the Olympics, sorry!

    If we get us tv feeds they normally,seamlessly, edit the us bits out and replace it with British waffle (and you thought they were Belgian!)

    Enjoy your lesbian sex guide, who knew the island of Lesbos published a guide to sex on the island!


  2. The Olympic Games are actually covered by the Olympic Broadcasting Services, which provides footage of every athlete and every event with no commentary. Each country then pays a fee to use this footage and add on their own commentary, graphics, etc. In short, no country except ours and our territories gets subjected to NBC’s shitty coverage.

    Here’s more detail if you wanna read it:


  3. Oh my goodness. do you sew? you said you have a sewing room. i love to sew.

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