8 thoughts on “BFO1062 – Cavemen

  1. What the hell?
    Do you mean we will be listening to THE MEDIUM SIZED, LOW CARB, CRANKY LITTLE SHORT MAN SHOW?
    Before we know it..you’ll be telling us you like to eat at the Y

  2. You can take a loaf of bread away from the man but leave your hands off the bacon! ! That’s how they getcha them doctors! Taking away the goodies.

    Well, I am having flatbread with honey mustard and three different kinds of greens for lunch today! Maybe I can find a bag of tuna in the cupboard … Ahahahaha!

    Did you read any Ole & Lena jokes? Are they too Norwegian to understand? Its been so long ago since I heard any of them. They may be offensive

    Well, have great day with that no-carb headache. Look closely at your coffee too & see the greasy beads that float at the top … Maybe some hot decaf green tea w/ a little honey? Its delish!

    Your mamas funny! So is Rickys, wonder if Rickys mamas called him lately. Wonder if little ricky remembered his mama on valentines day?

  3. I did an ultra low carb diet for on month and lost 25 pounds. It works. I ate meat every day and eliminated all processed foods and grains. My blood sugar and triglycerides dropped like a rock. Google “Paleo diet” .

  4. Best of luck, fat one! What will you call yourself once you’ve become Paleothin? Are you doing the fasting and raw meat too? I suppose a little bit of moderation is always in vogue, and the fat is nothing if not stylish…I suppose cavemen were also shorter. 😉

  5. When you started reading from the book, the sound faded away on the stereo speakers. That’s a sign… ZZzzzzz.

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