BFO530 – Corny Puffs

Dear Gussie…. someone may have had an adult beverage prior to recording BUT you’ll enjoy hearing Guru Nudie’s phonecall in the “Jeremiah Olypmics – Podcasting Gold” which starts today.  Get your phone call into the bag phone during this VD Weekend!  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLa Lauren for today’s great artwork!

BFO529 – Off to the Horror!

Big Fatty recaps his trip to the Horror and events once he arrives.  Special, special thanks to Miss Lauren for today’s great artwork.

BFO528 – Two Big Announcements

It’s Hump Day but get ready for a very special show today which includes voiceletters, a lesson on the term “piss poor” and other various and sundry nattering.  Special thanks to Miss Lauren for today’s special artwork.

BFO527 – Goggling Cockles

The Fat One is kicking off VD Week with a favorite song and then talks about everything from chips to ketchup packets.  There’s even a couple of voiceletters too!  Happy National Pistachio Day (vile!)

BFO526 – Sitting With Okra

Dear Lord!  Clearly doing a second show during the Big Game was a mistake as the Fat One takes it off the tracks.  Natter, natter, natter!  In fact, there’s so much that BF MISSES the $2.5 million Census commercial… how ever will he make up for that?  Hint:  Get ready to sing!

BFO525 – Start of Year #3

A BFO tradition continues today as Year #3 starts at halftime of the Big Game.  There’s a phone call from Jeremiah, a song from the Sea Hag and a final farewell from Bill in St. Louis, the #1 Fan in 2009.  And there WILL be a BFO on Monday too so make sure you download BOTH from the iTurds.

BFO524 – End of Year #2

It’s the final show of Year #2 for the BFO…. and there’s another celebration today too!  Don’t forget that there will be a “kick-off” show on SUNDAY during the halftime of the Big Game so tune in and find out who will be the #1 Fan of the BFO for 2010.  Special thanks to Bill from St. Louis for being a GREAT #1 FAN for 2009.

BFO523 – Cold Shower

FINALLY, the Fat One gets through all the #1 entries and tells you about the last tidbit of the weekend’s events.  Don’t forget that tomorrow is the LAST DAY to get your name in the colostomy bag!  Happy Thursday.

BFO522 – I’m All a Twitter

The Fat One is all discombobulated today….. he’s forgotten what he’s forgotten but remembers to take the train off the tracks and to remind everyone that FRIDAY is the deadline for entries in the #1 Fan Contest.  Happy Humping!

BFO521 – 50″ in the Love Chamber

Happy Groundfrogs Day everyone!  Big Fatty sees his shadow and so you get to hear about the weekend and some voiceletters.  Don’t forget that the dealine for the #1 Fan contest is THIS FRIDAY.  Happy National Heavenly Hash Day.