BFO523 – Cold Shower

FINALLY, the Fat One gets through all the #1 entries and tells you about the last tidbit of the weekend’s events.  Don’t forget that tomorrow is the LAST DAY to get your name in the colostomy bag!  Happy Thursday.

6 thoughts on “BFO523 – Cold Shower

  1. Love the Andy Warhol fart artwork. Now you’re gettin’ artsy “fartsy” on us.

  2. I am not entering the #1 competition, as i am already #0 fan.
    And if you have to ask how much i love the BF, you’ll never know.

  3. omgosh! i played 17:45 minutes into this over and over. you should make this a ringtone. your little growl in the ‘dare’ was hilarious!!

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