BFO524 – End of Year #2

It’s the final show of Year #2 for the BFO…. and there’s another celebration today too!  Don’t forget that there will be a “kick-off” show on SUNDAY during the halftime of the Big Game so tune in and find out who will be the #1 Fan of the BFO for 2010.  Special thanks to Bill from St. Louis for being a GREAT #1 FAN for 2009.

8 thoughts on “BFO524 – End of Year #2

  1. A cold read is like a blind date 🙂

    (Dear fellow BFO listeners, please do stop sending me all those requests for that nasty picture. It would be unethical and illoyal to poor BigFatty. And no, I would not even sell it! But I have a Amazon Wish List 😉 )

  2. Things I have learned from Big Fatty:
    #8; No matter your race or gender, if you send emails or alcohol, the Fat One
    will enter you.

    into the competition.

  3. Hello…I meant that it was not luck you just happened to meet Mr International Leather Poopy Pants…
    It was an arranged meeting that I paid for,that’s how much I care!!!!!
    (ala The Firm)

  4. Aw, thank you for remembering our national day! It warmed the cockles of my heart (and I have some pretty cold cockles). For the benefit of my fellow loyal BFO listeners, the national holiday name was changed back to Waitangi Day in 1976 (and, by the way, that was the best pronunciation of “Waitangi” I’ve heard an American do!). You’re right, the day always used to be marked by protests and so on, but this year was peaceful.

    Thanks again! Aroha nui!

  5. I am both proud and sad to pass the Big Fatty #1 Fan Tiara to another lucky listener. It’s been fun having that designation this past year. Good Luck and Best Dishes (opps, that’s Paula Deen, sorry) I mean Best Wishes, to next nominee.

    Keep up the great shows.

    Your Former #1 Fan,


  6. Big Fatty your entering Nought and warming Arthurs Cockles! I don’t know if I should watch or turn away 🙂

    Either way, Happy Turd Year! Sorry, I meant third!

    Ah, I see you are busy…..with your SuperBowl-s


  7. P.S. No blimp this year…unless Auntie Vera eats too much spaghetti sauce and blows up like a balloon trapped in a muumuu! (Don’t worry I am sure Gooch will prick her….oooh!)

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