BFO525 – Start of Year #3

A BFO tradition continues today as Year #3 starts at halftime of the Big Game.  There’s a phone call from Jeremiah, a song from the Sea Hag and a final farewell from Bill in St. Louis, the #1 Fan in 2009.  And there WILL be a BFO on Monday too so make sure you download BOTH from the iTurds.

4 thoughts on “BFO525 – Start of Year #3

  1. Shit – you mean I need to prepare an acceptance speech & a farewell speech when I am crowned (did I just say crowned) #1 Fan 2010?????

    I am sure it was not me – I will shoot for caller #800!

    Happy 2 down – start of #3.

    Bitches – call the line so I can tally mark & be #800 – now when you call you get to hear the ever chaning greeting – its my favorite part – I wish it was Holiday themed – like greet me Happy V-day in Feb., Happy Irish day in Mar & of course Happy b-day on March 3 –

    Who doesn’t love a long comment? Crickets…..

    Bye – ya’ll – stay gassy!!! Poot-toot….

  2. How bossy I sound there BF – hey everyone, sorry I called ya’ll bitches, I was just kidding & uh, I have never spelled sh*t out before, I dont even know what came over me.

    Oh, did you just hear that – the game can be heard in espanol – oooOhhhhhhhhh – gotta go – what happened!!!?!!??!

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