BFO526 – Sitting With Okra

Dear Lord!  Clearly doing a second show during the Big Game was a mistake as the Fat One takes it off the tracks.  Natter, natter, natter!  In fact, there’s so much that BF MISSES the $2.5 million Census commercial… how ever will he make up for that?  Hint:  Get ready to sing!

3 thoughts on “BFO526 – Sitting With Okra

  1. As season 3 of the BFO kicks off, it’s just as Ruined as it was when it premiered 2 years ago at halftime of Big Game XLII. Looking forward to another season of Ruination!

  2. You know, being in a Superbowl commercial might be the touch of death for poor Betty White and Abe Vidgoda. Look what happened to Robert Goulet a couple years ago after he appeared in an Emerald nuts commercial. Later that year, he went down for the dirt nap.

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